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The Tasmanian Home Ventilation System Specialists

All Tasvent Home Ventilation Systems improve the air quality within your home, either by heating or cooling, ventilating, dehumidifying, transferring heat, filtering air, or a combination of all or some of these functions.

We service all of Tasmania, including Launceston, Hobart, Burnie and Devonport.

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Positive Pressure Systems

Ventilate and dry your home with warm filtered air drawn from a high point in the roof space or fresh air from outside.

Combination System

Utilises both Positive Pressure and Heat Transfer. This system takes warmer air and pushes it through the house, raising air pressure.

Heat Transfer

Moves warm air from a high temperature zone (usually a lounge with wood or gas fired heating) to areas such as bedrooms.

Cool Air System

The ultimate add on to our systems. This provides cool air seeking valves to draw air from outside or the roof space, to optimise the air condition in your home.

**NEW! Tasvent Domus Smart Controller

The latest addition to our range of Intelligent Control Automated Home Ventilation Systems.

The NEW Tasvent Domus Smart Controller incorporates new technology, with more functions and options. The inclusion of Humidity sensing and new advanced fan speed control provides even greater efficiency, meaning less energy is required to keep your house warm/cool ventilated.

Bullet PointAll the functions of AI-PLUS
Bullet PointHumidity sensing
Bullet PointNew keypad display
Bullet PointWinter / Summer operation modes
Bullet PointAdvanced fan speed control
Bullet PointGreater efficiency
Bullet PointRoof Purge - exhausts excessive heat from roof cavity
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Ai Plus - The Ultimate System

The Ai Plus is our ultimate system, incorporating the features of all of our units and can expand to accommodate all your requirements.

Bullet PointAir volume adjusts to roof space temp
Bullet PointPositive Pressure
Bullet PointHeat transfer
Bullet PointCool Air Circulation (req heat pump)
Bullet PointHeat Pump Compatible
Bullet PointWarm in Winter / Cool in Summer
Bullet PointKey Pad options (to fit your decor)

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